Clothing Care
Dry clean sparingly, if at all, not more than once a season as excessive dry cleaning could shrink the garment, especially for fine and delicate natural fibers like wool. It can be burnt by overexposure to chemical. It can also give a shiny appearance. Have it pressed or steamed and spot clean when required. You could leave your suits or trousers in the shower while you bath to remove the stench and air dry later. Hang your suit on molded hangers to maintain their shape, and hang your trousers over a hanger bar at their midpoint.
It is advisable to hand wash them as dry cleaners use very hot water to wash. This may shrink the interfacing or stiffening used in collars and cuffs. Hand washing detergents can be used for home laundry when cleaning fine fabrics and cotton. Always wash your clothes in cold. Hang them to dry on a wooden hanger to dry. Take them down to press them when the shirts still slightly damp to make ironing easier. If you do not have the luxury of time, ask around for good dry cleaners and request for no starch to be used.